Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Mabinogi Music Skills

So while I work on pictures for the puppetry guide, by which I mean 'get some poor sap to sit there while I trip them with my wires over and over again until we find the maximum distances for attacks', Mabi has been getting some updates.

They're not out yet but they look good.

For those that aren't familiar with the combat redesigns, there were going to be a lot of changes to the fundamental combat mechanics of Mabi. The goal seemed to be to make stats relevant where they were no longer. Lets face facts here, minimum damage and balance stopped mattering when you realized how easy it was to get 300+ dex.

These changes inevitably nerf Fighters, make Alchemists less terrible, and rebalance Melee, Lancers, Mages, Archers, and Puppeteers. In my opinion Puppeteers got the better end of the deal out of everyone but we'll see when the actual update comes out.

The one skill set that is unanimously agreed upon to be crapped on is Music. The rebalance cut out music buff and instead just changed that to extra duration. That is crippling for Bards.

This new update is a music based one though. Bards are getting a few new skills that look superb. These include Sing, Chorus, and Encore. Sing lets you use a Microphone, a new musical instrument, and r5+ it looks like it lets you use the skill without having an instrument equipped. Chorus increases Play Instrument success rate, performance effect, and even reduces cool downs. Encore looks to be the least useful of all of the skills because it resets musical cooldowns but were there any musical cooldowns that really needed to be reset anyway?

Taken from manaherb.tumblr.com
Sing especially looks like it will open up bard skills to everyone as you don't need to be bogged down by a bulky instrument to pull off a quick buff to whatever you're doing. The number of dedicated bards is unlikely to decrease due to just how good moves like Dischord are but this will definitely open music up to a lot more play styles.

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